Eoilya Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml

As Eoilya we are getting our olives from our olives grown in the village of Ulubeyler in Ayvalık which is at middle of the Edremit Bay that is the pearl of Eagea, resting against Kaz Mountains.The perfection of our olive oil is related with an elaborate process from picking, pressing, storaging, botteling to preserving. Our olive oil is Extra Virgin Olive Oil and is rich in polyphenols. Its acidity is less than 0,8 and  has a fruity taste which does not burn the throat.

Our olives are picked in the wooden boxes without touching the ground. We set the duration between picking and pressing as not more than 1 day to catch he high qualiyt taste. While our olives are being pressed, they are washed well by double washing. The water temperature is about 27 degrees during the pressing process. By the cold-press method, our olive oil does not lose any beneficial substance in its content. We pay particular attention to the fact that the oils we obtain from the olive oil are not oxidized. After cold-press process, the extra virgin olive oil is collected and stored in stainless steel tanks, then filled and stored away from direct sunlight until sale. And transferred to the storage with the  ideal temperature 18⁰C-22⁰C .

Eoilya Olive Oil

  • Cold Press
  • 500 ml